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Who Am I?

I'm Ben Simon Lazarus and Writer Freelancer

Finally! It’s so good to have you here. May I say, it’s a real pleasure to ‘meet’ you. The honour is all mine. By way of introduction, my name is Ben Simon Lazarus.


In the field of creative writing, I tend to go by a variety of labels; best-selling self-published author, screenwriter, freelancer, collaborator, editor, ghost-writer, and story doctor. And that’s just to name a few.


Let’s be honest here, we all have a story; I feel as though it’s my moral duty to help you tell yours. I want the whole world to hear what you have to say, loudly and clearly. I see writing just like any other artistry, and maybe you need help painting your words onto the paper?

Whatever medium you decide to write in, whether it’s print or screen, let’s embark upon this journey together.

I guarantee that I can help you to bring your writing to life, together we’ll make it stand-out. We’ll make sure it’s captivating to the point that it enthuses your audience, doing your idea the justice it truly deserves.


Let’s work together on a creative writing project. We will be sure to produce a narrative that has your readers craving more. With clever plotlines and loveable characters. I believe your art will go down in history for its quality and uniqueness.

Why me?

Let’s be honest, only fascinating dialogues and enchanting storylines will sell. There’re no shortcuts when it comes to creative writing, and that’s what I’m here for. I will be sure to help you infuse each word with the thrilling and artistic touch it deserves. We’ll be keeping the reader totally engrossed in your writing from the start until the very end. From raw manuscript to your polished, final piece. I’m a story specialist, and together, we can make something truly special happen here.


Let’s work with each other, and we will push the boundaries you never thought were possible. With your concepts and ideas along with my creative flair. We have the power to change the world. And, we'll do it, one word at a time.


I am a London based, native English speaker with impeccable communication skills, both written and verbal.

I was awarded a Bachelor of Science after being Enrolled at the University Of Southampton and granted an Upper Second Class (2:1) degree with Honours in Politics And International Relations (BSc in the Social Sciences). Ever since graduating, I have established a career in PR and journalism before my transition into creative writing. I never looked back.

I’ve had writing experiences with screenplays, novella’s, YouTube scripts, short stories, journalistic articles, academia, children’s stories, and eBooks of various kinds. I’ve just about done it all with my clients.

I excel at writing fiction of any genre; however, some fields of interest are my forte. So be sure to contact me regarding any enquiries to see if I’m a good fit for your job.

Along with fiction writing, I am well versed in helping clients out with blog posts, essays, job Descriptions, and resumes (CVs).


I help authors get through their dreaded ‘writers' block’ by taking their flawed outlines and turning them into an enthralling full-length manuscript. I am proficient in writing from the 1st, 3rd person, and POV alternating perspective. In addition, I will ensure that the author's voice is heard loudly and clearly throughout the story. Above all, I will use my instructional skills to teach you a new craft! Building you (my client’s), specialised knowledge of the industry whenever possible.



We all know that art of any kind is subjective. And of course, writing is no exception. But I always work tirelessly to ensure both myself and my clients are excited by the final product I deliver.

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